Sowing in the famine

“Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold and the Lord blessed him.” Genesis 26:12

Isaac sowed when there was famine in the land. And miraculously, he reaps an hundredfold. Here we can see the God of heaven and earth breaking the code of impossibility.

He blessed Isaac in a way that made every eye to look upon him with reverence and godly fear. He gave Isaac honour and a fame in the land in which he sojourned. The most interesting question of all is that why did God do this to only Isaac? What made Isaac receive such a blessing? Was it because of God’s covenant with his father Abraham?

The answer is quite clear as we read the beginning of  the chapter, where we see that Isaac followed God’s instructions fully. He dwelt and sojourned among the people among whom God wanted him to be and sowed at that land as God said him  to.(Gen 26:2,3)

Tracing Isaac’s character leads us to the 22nd chapter of the book of Genesis, where God wants Abraham to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering, just to try him. Isaac can be compared to a quiet lamb like the Lord Jesus who did not rebel against his father’s decision to obey God(Gen 22:2-12). Isaac surrendered to God as Jesus did. Not only that but also he was quiet waiting for God to bless him even after every incident of his surrender. Sometimes there is a season of waiting in between the surrender and the blessing. Isaac came through it all.

He then sowed in famine as God directed him to. He sowed and trusted God for the return.He truly obeyed God with all his heart and the Lord did fulfil His will or his life. So, let us also surrender to God and wait until we see the rewards for them all. Because they are coming.

AG Church Kalpakkam, 2017© | Rev J James Alaman | Senior Pastor

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